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To help you determine which service is best suited to your needs we have provided a guide. 

HI-CO LONG LAST DIRECT PIGMENT,  washes out.  Colour is applied from roots to ends over entire head.  Suitable for someone who has not had colour before, or just wants to enhance their natural colour.  Colour washes out gradually.  Regular visit's are not required to minimize new growth, but recommended to keep shine and vibrancy of colour fresh and beautiful.

Permanent Tint,  grows out.  Colour is applied over entire scalp.  Suitable for someone who has noticable greys, wanting to go lighter or have vibrant fashion color.  Requires regular visits to the salon to minimise new growth line.  We reccomend having a semi put through your ends to keep shine and vibrancy of colour fresh and beautiful

Foils, grow out.  Suitable for someone that prefers to blend grey hairs, enhance their natural colour or go dramatically lighter.  Hair separated in to fine sections and the colour is applied starting from new growth area with in foil.  Requires regular visits to the salon to minimize new growth line.  We recommend having a toner applied to keep colour clean and crisp.


Now that you know what colour service you want make an appointment now.

If you are re-schedualing an existing appointmnet you MUST call 4468 444 to cancel your existing booking.

Please note to optimzse appointment spaces we may request you come in earlier or later than your requested time upon confirmation of your booking.

hair salon hours

The following are bellissimo's general opening times. You may find that the salon is open outside of these hours so make a hair appointment to find all available times!

mon 10 till 6pm

tues 12 till 8pm

wed closed

thurs 12 till 8pm

Fri 9am till 3pm

Extended hours are available by prior arrangement.


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